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Affiliated Faculty

Prof. Sigal Alon

Prof. Alon is a Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and the Head of the B. I. Cohen Institute for Public Opinion Research at Tel Aviv University. Her main research interests include social stratification and mobility, with an emphasis on the sociology of work and organizations and sociology of education. Her work focuses on unveiling the dynamics and historical processes underlying class, gender, and racial-ethnic inequalities in the labor market and educational attainment, and the extent to which public policy affect these inequalities.

Dr. Nir Evron

Dr. Nir Evron is the chair of the English and American Studies Department. He teaches a variety of courses at the Department of English and American Studies from an introductory course on Literary Theory and Criticism to MA seminars on American Modernist novel and the concept of culture. His research interests include Twentieth-Century American literature, the history of the novel, Realism, literary theory, and more.

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Dr. Boaz Hagin

Dr. Boaz Hagin is chair of the undergraduate and graduate film studies programs at the Steve Tisch School of Film and Television, Faculty of the Arts, at Tel Aviv University. He is co-editor of the Depth of Field book series published by the Steve Tisch School with Am Oved and a member of the editorial board of the SCMS's Journal of Cinema and Media Studies.

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Dr. Naama Maor

Dr. Naama Maor is a lecturer at the Department of History at Tel Aviv University.  Maor earned her PhD in history from the University of Chicago. She specializes in the social and legal history of the United States. Her research and teaching examine the politics of reform and punishment alongside the study of intimate life, the family, children, and childhood.

Dr. Spencer J.H. Morrison

Dr.  Morrison is an Assistant Professor of English Literature and American Studies. He completed his PhD in English Literature at University of Toronto. His first book (forthcoming) explores how American writers grappled with the dawn of foreign aid as a U.S. policy tool after 1945. His work has appeared in journals such as American Literary History, American Literature, English Literary History, Arizona Quarterly, and in various essay collections. He has also written for The Globe and Mail & the Literary Review of Canada. 

Prof. Eyal Naveh

Prof. Eyal Naveh is a professor of history (emeritus) at Tel Aviv University and the former chair of the Department of General History. He teaches U.S. history, modern Israeli history and the history of education. Alongside his academic publications that focused on Martyrdom and Political Theology in American history, Professor Naveh wrote several textbooks for the Israeli K-12 education system and authored many of the Hebrew language textbooks about American history used in Israeli high-schools and universities.

Prof. Uzi Rabi

Prof. Uzi Rabi is the Director of the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies, and a senior researcher at the Center for Iranian Studies, at Tel Aviv University. Formerly, he was the Head of the Department of Middle Eastern and African History at TAU. During 2004-2005, he was a visiting professor at the Lipinski Institute of San Diego State University. His research focuses on modern history and evolution of states and societies in the Middle East, Iranian-Arab relations, oil and politics in the Middle East, and Sunni-Shi’i dynamics.

Prof. Yossi Shain (On Leave)

Prof. Yossi Shain is the Romulo Betancourt Professor (emeritus) of Political Science at Tel Aviv University where he also served as the Head of the Aba Eben Program of Diplomacy and Co-Chair of the MA Program in Political Leadership. He is a full professor of Comparative Government and Diaspora Politics at Georgetown University and the Founding Director of the Program for Jewish Civilization. In 2007 he served as President of the Western Galilee College.

Prof. Shain is currently on leave and is serving as a member of Knesset.

Dr. Scott Ury

Dr. Ury is a Senior Lecturer in the department of Jewish History at  Tel Aviv University. He is also the director of the Eva and Marc Besen Institute for the Study of Historical Consciousness and is a senior editor of the Journal History and Memory: Studies in Representation of the Past. Grounded at the intersection of social, political and cultural histories, Dr. Ury's research explores various aspects of Jewish and East European societies and cultures during the 19th and 20th centuries. 

Prof. Hannah Wirth-Nesher

Prof. Wirth-Nesher (emeritus) has served as The Samuel L. and Perry Haber Chair on the Study of the Jewish Experience in the United States at Tel Aviv University, and as the Founding Director of the Goldreich Family Institute for Yiddish Language, Literature, and Culture. She also served as the Chair of the Department of English and American Studies for eight years and has been a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University, University of Michigan, and the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin. She has also been a visiting Professor at the Johns Hopkins University and the University of Konstanz. 

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